Tied notes and some more stuff

Hello there!

I’m new here so let me introduce myself:
I’m Ralf from Germany and i am new to Dorico.
Used Logic, SPP and VSL from their beginnings.

After a few hours of work with Dorico a few questions and suggestions appeared:

If you select notes with more than one stave and it’s the same note in both staves
the tie doesn`t work correctly…

How do I add a tremolo to the first note, but not to the tied second one?

Same with articulation or dynamic symbols on the second tied note? The symbols always jump to the start note.

Transoprt window “always flow on top” - this would be helpful.

Percussion system with one stave (eg. Cymbal) copy/paste does not work within the same stave?

With best regards!

Thanks for your feedback, Ralf. You have to create the tie one staff at a time. To override whether or not a note in a tie chain shows a tremolo, switch to Engrave mode, and use the ‘Single stem tremolo’ property in the Properties panel. You should find that copying and pasting on the same percussion staff works reliably, but copying between pitched and unpitched instruments is not yet supported, though it will be supported soon.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your reply!

I have no luck:
Copying and pasting on the same percussion staff doesn’t work here.
This is what I tried: Create a new project - create single player - add unpitched percussion “Clash Cymbals” - create two measures - write something in measure 1 an select it (orange) - try to copy these in measure 2 but no result…
Neither works with key commands nor with menue commands or mouse. (In Write Mode of course)
Pitched instruments copy/paste stuff works fine.

Also in Engrave mode I can’t find a “Properties panel” for any kind of symbol.
At the bottom of the screen there’s the “General-window” only, I can select the tremolo-symbol (it goes orange) and drag it upwards or downwards but that’s it. When I select it no panel shows up.
What do I miss?
I have no way of adding an accent or dynamic symbol to a tied note neighter in Write Mode nor in Engrave Mode…

Many thanks for your help!


The tremolo is a property of the note, not the tremolo symbol. Select the note in Engrave mode, and then look in the property panel.

FWIW, I tried copy-pasting bars with clash cymbals and it didn’t work, although using the R key to repeat bars did work.
Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 12.45.58 PM.png

For the time being, the only way to copy unpitched percussions stuff is having it in a kit and in staff view. Nothing prevents you from going back to another view after the copying has been performed. It is a well known limitation of unpitched percussion at this state of the development, but it is probably going to change in the next few days…

Yes, sorry, Ralf, what Marc says is true: unless the percussion instrument is in a kit, you can’t copy and paste even from and to itself. This will definitively be fixed in the forthcoming update.