Tied notes at the end of systems too small to be useful

I have tied notes at the end of many systems to the next system and the initial tie is too small to be useful. The only fix I’ve found is to reduce the number of measures on each system. Is there a better fix for this issue?

Thank you.


That first example doesn’t look standard, I suspect something else is going on. E.g. the tie has been flipped, or the system is overfull horizontally.

You can identify overfull systems in Engrave mode by looking at the system indicator on its right edge:

You could try reducing the minimum note spacing a fraction, which will give Dorico a bit more wiggle room on allocating space in the system, and give the last note a bit more space if needed.

Ms. Harris, thank you for your response. I adjusted the Note Spacing, as you suggested and the tie does look better (see below). I’m still not sure if this is the solution, since it also creates additional issues in other parts of the piece. I would prefer to make global changes versus individual note, measure, etc. changes.


m.13 adjusted


You can also change note spacing for specific sections (if you have Dorico Pro) and at individual positions.

Reducing the space for crotchets down to 3 spaces might be too drastic; 3.5 or 3.75 would probably be better, in combination with judicious system breaks etc to control which bars go into each system.

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I was hoping to not make many changes to the individual piece, since it is part of a larger work that contains many pieces. I continue to be unsure as to what settings need to be made at the “global” level (settings that affect the entire work) versus the “local” level (i.e., specific frame/page/ system/note level). I am sure it is specific to the work or piece but it is not intuitive for me. Thank you for the suggestions.

When it comes to determining the best note spacing, that quite often “just depends” on the exact musical context, sometimes on a bar-to-bar basis.

A lot of this sort of familiarity comes from experience, so don’t worry if it’s not all obvious right now :slight_smile:


I agree with Lillie’s advices. Nevertheless, a note spacing value of 4 is probably too much as a default value. I’d rather start with 3.5, and use local changes when needed. Hope it helps!

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Thank you to you both for your replies.