Tied notes crossing barline are not coloured

Hello all,

when a note is tied and the tie cross the barline, colouring the nots result having only the first note coloured, not the tied ones, as in the following example.


But if you select the note, untie it and then tie again this will fix the problem.

You should be able to change all of these colors in Engrave mode, if Write mode doesn’t work.

Edits to tie chains in Write mode currently only affect the first note/chord in the tie, but you can select subsequent notes/chords in Engrave mode as Stephen says.

Thank you Stephen and Lillie.

I’ve done what you told me, but still there are a lot of problems: as yo can see sharp signs are not coloured (even if they have the engrave property correctly set (I’ve condensed enabled in the following example, showing 3 trumpets).

Condensing is another source of problem, selecting a large area that includes rests, some of them are coloured, some not).

Screenshot 2022-06-19 at 15.56.19

For rests, if they don’t have the desired color when you turn on condensing, you should be able to select them in Engrave mode and change the color. I just tried this; even though the condensed rests were black, the Properties panel thought they were blue. After I re-selected the blue color in Engrave mode, the rests changed color.

For the accidentals, you’re right, they don’t change. For me personally this is OK.

I still think a bit more work should be done on colours:

  • Wherever i change the color of something I expect it will be reflected on all other views (I mean Write mode v/s Engrave mode). I can accept that condensing a coloured note with a non-coloured one it can stay black; but when I select them in condensed mode and change the color, both should be coloured in galley view.
  • Changing a colour is a bit time (and click)-consuming: switch the colour mode to ON, click on the colour box, select the colour and then pre the OK button. It would be better if, after colour mode is engaged, clicking on the colour bow will open a popup menu with a palette of colours and a More… button. Selecting the colour in the palette will apply the colour immediately. Pressing More… will open the standard OS colour selector where OK button must be pressed to apply the colour and dismiss the selector.
  • A Colour menu item showing the above-mentioned palette should appear also in the contextual menu, to minimise mouse movements.
  • Whether some parts (like accidentals, ties, etc.) must be coloured too or not should be added to the Engraving Options.
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Condensing adds complexity when it comes to all sorts of stuff: for instance additional work was recently undertaken to make it possible to propagate accidental visibility from source staves to condensed staves.

The staves you see in a condensed score (or at least the condensed staves) are completely separate staves to the ones you see in Galley View/uncondensed score/part layouts. The rests you see in condensed staves are completely separate rests to the ones you see in uncondensed staves/part layouts.

Dorico 4 made it possible for keyboard pedal lines to be coloured(!) so seemingly the developers are prepared to consider feature requests relating to colour, but it’s clearly not just a case of making some quick UI improvement.