Tied notes do not playback decrescendo

I have a series of tied notes played by the strings. On playback the hairpins have no effect. Expecting a decrescendo (lowering of volume) on playback.

Version Dorico Pro 5.1.3

Hi @jazzcafe , and welcome to the Forum!

As you can read in this guidelines, it would be faster to diagnose the problem, if you could share the Dorico Project.

Probably you need to define an end dynamic, so that Dorico knows how soft it should sound at the end of hairpin…(double click on hairpin, write pp in the popover, and press enter). What was the last dynamic before the hairpin?
Also there are settings for the Dynamic Curve (in Playback options, but some values are overridden in the expression maps): search the Forum for dynamic Curve and you will find some discussions about it.

Which Playback template are you using?

Thank you for the response. I extracted the passage into a project. I was able to get some results with this:
stringDescDemo.dorico (883.8 KB)
thank you

Yes it is already better. Remember that gradual dynamics are relative, and immediate dynamics are absolut: so you need to specify beginning and end dynamic of gradual dynamic, If you need a particular playback.

You can also try to modify the three values on the Dynamic Curve dialogue (in menu Library/Playback Options…: the dynamic curve power, and the minimum and maximum levels: all is explained directly in the dialogue. (A)

To make the experimenting easier, you can deactivate the override in the expression map of all iconica sketch , so the value that you input in the Playback options apply correctly.(B)



Thanks, Christian. This is helpful information!

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