Tied notes in tempo popover, possible?


The third movement of Béla Bartók’s String Quartet No. 5 has a tempo marking of “Alla bulgarese, vivace” followed by a minim, crotchet and dotted crotchet all tied together with 46 beats per said tied note. Is this possible to implement in Dorico, or must I wait for a future release? Thank you for reading.

You could use Metrico for this, right?

I have just downloaded and installed Metrico, but am stuck on how to get it to work. Changing the Metronome Music Text Font to Metrico doesn’t work because there are squares where the note symbols should be.

Could be wrong, but I don’t think that think that’s how it’s supposed to work. You’re better off entering tempo equations as system text in this case. Alt-Shift-X.

You are right, I needed to enter it as a system text. I had to launch LibreOffice Writer and open the Special Characters window to locate the tie because it is hidden behind a Unicode that isn’t on the keyboard, U+E204.

Thank you for helping me.

Future implementaion strongly encouraged!

Yes, it won’t work that way because I have mapped the note symbols to h, q, e… for convenient input in other contexts. I will look into mapping the SMuFL codepoints to them as well so you can use Metrico in the tempo popover.

Heh… you were lucky to find a tie at all. I suppose it doesn’t look overly convincing, does it? I was planning to implement more sophisticated support for dynamic ties — and that character is about as far as I got. I’ll see if I can work on this some of these days.

Two years later, but seconding a desire for ties in Metrico, for more complex metric modulations. A lovely font otherwise!

You can use MusGlyphs font, which has ties for this exact purpose.

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