Tied notes into repeat endings - error?

I have a problem and I’m hoping that someone here can help with the issue of tied notes and repeat endings.

I have been working on piece which has a first time and second time. In the bar before the first time bar I have a minim (on the third beat) tied to the first crotchet in the first bar of the first time bar. The minim (before the first time bar) is also tied to the semi-breve note in the second time bar. Unfortunately a huge tie is drawn through all the bars in the first time section. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t support ties across repeat endings yet - it is a known limitation. For now, I think your best option is to use the new note spacing tools in Engrave mode to make some extra space at the start of the second time bar, then create a small “tie” using Shift-X and a laissez vibrer tie from http://www.smufl.org/version/1.2/range/articulation/


Thank you for the tip.



The other option is to link to “fake notes” at the end of one bar and the beginning of another. I have had to do this for glissandi lines to indicate a voice crossing staves: you can create a note where you want the tie (in this case) to end in one measure and then go to adjust that note’s properties in engrave mode. Select to change the color and then change the alpha channel to 0% and the note will not show because you have effectively made it invisible, but the tie will still link to that notehead because it exists even though you can’t see it.

My workaround was to add a slur into the 2nd ending and then edit it using Engrave mode.

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Ed, your screen capture illustrates perfectly the lack of control Dorico’s slur handles offer users. I hope an improvement will be designed in the not too distant future. HINT - make slur adjustment work just like Finale.

Actually in this case there was too much control…like a layperson trying to drive a formula 1 car. For “normal” slur work the controls seem fine.

Since Version 1.2. I use Laissez-vibrer-ties and move the endpoint to the left. Works quite well for me.

Perhaps you don’t know, Bruce, that if you use Alt+click-drag, then the control points will be moved relative to the end point you’re moving.

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I did not know that, Daniel, and I surely will use it ! As for now, I used the little squares and alt-arrows, with tab key to navigate between these anchors.

My video redone using Daniel’s alt-click-drag trick…easy peasy.

No and yes.