tied notes messing up block selection

This is a problem I run into often: I want to copy a block of music (say all instruments for 20 bars). If there is one instrument with a tied note extending out of that block, Dorico automatically extends the selection, which more often than not is what I don’t want. If a lot of staves or bars are involved, it is also not immediately obvious that this has happened.

It would be really nice to have something like ctrl-select or alt-select or something, where ties are cut automatically to honour the user chosen selection edges.

There’s really no concept of the “edge” of a selection in Dorico. It’s not like, say, Sibelius where you can make a selection that is strictly bounded by a particular rhythmic position. In Dorico, something is either selected or it isn’t, and if it’s selected, it’s selected in its entirety. That’s not to say that such a thing wouldn’t be useful, but it’s not something that is currently intended to be a feature of the software, because you cannot define a selection independently from the durations of the items that you’re selecting.

I understand, but copying blocks of bars is something one does rather regularly, so a solution would be nice.

Although Dorico doesn’t work with the concept of an “edge”, it does, at some point, decide that that tied note which is partially in the “dragged area” is part of the selection. Wouldn’t it be possible to make Dorico to decide NOT to include these “partially included notes”, by clicking an extra key such as ALT? At least that way, the selection you had in mind (in terms of which staves and which bars) would be preserved. (I’m saying “dragging”, but most of the time it would be select one note, than shft-select the diagonally opposite one to define a block)