tied notes played as pulsations...

so i’m writing this etude (pour moi) that exercises circular breathing. i have (forced) quarter notes tied to form a long series of notes with breath marks to indicate where to (circular) breathe. all of that is fine but when i ‘play’ the file, the tied notes pulsate…

i’m thinking this is not OK.
CircularBreathingExercise_1_tb.dorico.zip (403 KB)
Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 23.20.27.png

Each individual tied note in your project is a separate note, and at the moment Dorico doesn’t play those as tied notes properly. This is something we should address in a future update.

So I have a whole note tied to a quarter in the next measure and Dorico plays both notes as if there is no tie. This is the way it still is or can I make the tied note play as 5 beats?

The first two posts in this thread are more than two years old. Dorico does now play tied notes correctly.

Yes, I am new. Press “t” for ties and then select the next note duration and it works perfect.