Tied notes

Hi Daniel & team!

I have some situations where I find Dorico’s behavior to be a bit strange… for example, I am trying to achieve this during note entry:

So I enter the first two notes… then hit T to prepare the tie… and I play the two-note chord, it ties the bottom one properly, but also ties the top one—to another note waaaaay before in the music!

Is this intended? Surely not, right…?

This is a rough edge that arises from the differences between inputting with the computer keyboard and the MIDI keyboard. If you input those notes with the computer keyboard, then hitting T before you type the first note of the next chord, the tie will automatically switch off, so when you type the second note of the chord, it won’t be tied; however, when you play on the MIDI keyboard, if the tie tool is active when you play both notes together, Dorico will try to tie both of them.

I see. Can this behavior be refined, you think?

Not in the short term, no.