Tied Pickup Notes with Repeats and Endings

Hi all,

I’m working on a song that has a pickup note tied across a start repeat. Then the first ending has a note that should be tied back to the repeat, and both endings have a tied note coming in. Hopefully my attachment describes the situation better than I am.

Is there a way to display the ties that should be at the end of 1st ending and beginning of second ending, as well as put the first “12” of the second ending in parentheses?


Just add laissez vibrer ties. For the first ending, you’ll have to go to Engrave and adjust the endpoint. In the second ending you’ll have to move the whole tie back, but it should still look fine.

Will that make it play back correctly?

You might need to fool the system here. Select the e in the second time repeat, suppress playback. Select the first e, and in play mode, tweak the value so that it’s a dotted quarter. That should work…