ties and accidentials


why can’t I get the Eb show in the second bar as in first voice?

ties and flats .png

The top Ebs might be connected with a slur, while the bottom ones are connected with a tie.

With a tie, the flat dissapears, while with a slur it doesn’t

You can choose to show the accidental from the properties panel in Engrave mode

Thijs, no they are both ties, that’s the strange thing.
It is an import via xml though, that could be a reason.

Then it will probably be as Andgle said, an override in Engrave mode on the Accidental setting.

I find it hard to see the difference between slurs and ties on first view sometimes, but I did some experimenting and slurs do connect a bit higher/lower along the stem.

Have you done Reset Design and Reset Appearance, in the Edit menu?

If the MusicXML file says it’s supposed to look that way, for whatever strange reason, Dorico will try to reproduce it.


I have done both Reset Appearance and Reset Position, it does not change anything.

Strange: this is bar 244

In bar 111 of the same piece it looks different - all flats shown (as I would like it)

Also the exact position of the ties seem to be different - indeed very strange…

Must be a corruption in that file… or a bug in Dorico…

[Edit]: ok, I see, it must have to do with the voices, here is bar 244 with voice colours on:

Still, problem not solved: how can I set the flat to appear on the second purple (tied) note, too?
bar 244 voice colours.png
bar 111.png
bar 244.png

No Thijs, there is no override, both are ties and both settings are exactly the same…

Hi Anders,

„in Engrave mode“ was the clue. Yes, in Engrave mode one can modify the accidental of the second note of the tie. It does not work in Write mode (even as the switches are present).

Thank you… it took some time… now everything is fine :slight_smile:

the funny thing is that there is no setting in Dorico to repeat accidentals on tied notes (which is rather common in french editions e.g. as was discussed in another thread long ago), so if this was entered in Dorico you wouldn’t be getting an accidental on the top Eb either. If this accidental was somehow frozen in the XML source, Dorico would show it, but then ‘Reset Appearance’ should really have removed it…

fratveno, I do have another problem with this file (Rehearsal marks in flow 1 would crash Dorico).
So I am just waiting a few days until version 1.1 will fix this :slight_smile: