Ties and Enharmonic Transposition in parts problem

I came across a problem with enharmonic transposition and tied notes yesterday. The passage in B major is correctly enharmonically transposed to Ab for the Alto Sax, but the final Gb is tied to an F# in the the next key change. I wanted the Gb to be and F#, so I untied the notes, changed the Gb to F#, then tied them again. The result was example 4, which is incorrect, although the music is represented in the score correctly (example 5). Untying the notes again (ex 6) soon revealed the reasons for the problem. A cautionary should probably be insertable (and optionally automatically inserted) across ties between enharmonic equivalents but I could not find a way to do this. Also, the ability to change the enharmonic of spelling of notes across ties would be very useful.

Having searched this forum, I found two workarounds. One was to fake ties using slurs instead and just flatten them a bit and the other was to put the first note in a different up stem voice. This was a bit awkward but worked after removing rests and adjusting the tie direction.

Has anyone found a better solution?

Sorry, Here is the attachment.

We’re missing some user interface in this area: Dorico does accommodate the spelling of a note changing at an offset into its length, but we don’t have any user interface to allow this to be set at the moment. This is definitely something in our plans for the future.

Is this problem solved already?

I want to tie an A# to Bb and can’t manage to do it.


Welcome to the forum, Matans. This was fixed in 3.1.
Write a regular tied A#, then switch to Engrave mode, click the notehead you want to respell and type Alt-=