Ties and rhythmic spelling


I’m learning Dorico by engraving some of my old handwritten scores. A very pleasant experience!

A couple of questions.

  1. Rhythmic spelling. The ensemble has a fermata on the third beat, the acoustic bass plays a long arco note. I the second bar I want two half notes tied together so I can get the fermata in the same place i the bass. If I try to tie those 2 half notes Dorico changes it to a whole note. Why? Is there a way of doing what I want? See pic.

  2. In the piano, in 3/4 time, there’s 2 quarter note rests in voice 2. I want to change that to a half note rest. No matter how I do it won’t change. Why? Is there a way to do what I want? See pic.

  3. If I understand playback right Dorico doesn’t play back any phrasing at all, but how about dynamics?

Thanks for a really good product!
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Your friend here is Force Duration (shortcut o) - here is a short thread about it.


Hi Stephen!

Thanks! That helped, but some more things need to be sorted out. At least for me. I managed to get the rhythmic duration I wanted, but how do I put dynamics in the second bar!?

When I try to select only the second half note in the second bar the whole 2 measures get selected. Of course the dynamic ends up on the first note. Very strange I must say.

When I select any of the tied notes all of them gets selected, furthermore it looks like Dorico thinks it is a double whole note. Very confusing. Any tips or tricks!?

It seems like there’s some kind of rhythmic spelling happening whether you want it or not.

Choose the tied note in the Bass, but then use the RIGHT-ARROW key to move the caret to the start of the second measure. Then enter the cresc. It should begin where you have placed the caret within the tied pair.

(I had to click on the hairpin symbol. For some reason SHIFT-D and the is-greater-than symbol < did not add the cresc.)

Thanks Derrek!

I’ll try this in the morning. All is new and different. Takes some time to understand the workflow used in Dorico.

Best wishes!

Re 2) half rests are normally avoided in 3/4 time… :slight_smile:

Hello again!

Yes, I know that half rests normally is avoided. But sometimes it’s easier to read with less information in a bar.

I tried Derreks suggestion and it kind of worked. I can’t find a way to get the crescendo to display right without manually adjusting it. I’ve included 2 pics. One shows what I get without any manual adjustment, and the next one shows how the crescendo displays without any ties.

Is there another way of handling ties?

That is, is there a easier way of getting things like dynamics, hairpins to end up where you want them without manual tweaking!? In a big score, especially with many time signature changes and needs to change rhythmic spelling often, this seems like a very time consuming way. I often use different spellings at the same time. For instance 5/8 with the bass line 2+3 and melody 3+2 and things like that.

Just some questions from a rookie trying to learn.
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To input your dynamics more efficiently, hit Return to show the caret, and move it to the position in the tie where you want the hairpin to start, then type Shift+D, and in the popover that appears, type >, hit Return, and then hit Space to advance: the hairpin will keep advancing each time you hit Space. When the hairpin ends in the right rhythmic position, type Shift+D again and either type ? to stop the hairpin without entering another dynamic, or enter another dynamic, e.g. p or mf, or whatever.

Thanks Daniel!

I’ll try that right away. By the way, thanks a lot for a truly fantastic piece of software!

I can see that more work needs to be done. But pretty amazing so far. It takes some getting used to.

Best wishes!

Hello again!

That worked just fine!