ties and slurs across 1st and 2nd time bars....

  1. Oh bummer. You didn’t need to do it twice. Just Propagate Properties. You need to set a shortcut for this, since you need it all the time! I use Ctrl-Alt-P.

  2. Yup, happened to me too. Flip the tie first, then adjust the LV last.

Glad it works, at least sufficient for now. I imagine the next improvement will simply be a “reverse” function for LV ties, since this is a common need. And since Dorico is pretty smart about this stuff, a “reverse” function would probably move the LV to the start of the tie chain automatically… I hope!

Great tips! Thanks again!

Just checking in to make sure nothing has changed with this and the best way is to just modify a LV tie and then propagate. Correct playback isn’t terribly important, but would be nice as I do have to email out a mockup (which they probably won’t listen to anyway).

No, there aren’t any changes in this area.

Ok, thanks! As a feature request, it would be nice if there was a way for Dorico to handle this automatically including correct playback.

FWIW, in Finale this is buried in the somewhat esoteric Edit Frame dialog box which probably hasn’t been updated in 20 years, but it still is only 2 clicks away for the user. Ctrl-click note in Speedy, click Tie End and it’s done.

Hey guys,
all this stuff works for normal notes…but did you ever try it with an artificial harmonic? No way to make that working, cause the tie of the 2 notes are attached together and you can only change the bow-direction together.
In the best of cases it looks like that:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-15 um 14.13.41

And now???

Or did you ever try it with a single-line cymbal, which has to be connected on the left side AND needs a LV on the right side because it should go on vibrating? What then?
So actually you need a LV on the right and left side and you can’t add a second voice cause it is a single-line stave.
Sometimes I loose sooooo much time with all these little problems in Dorico. And they disturb/destroy the complete organic-workflow. Sorry to say that.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-15 um 14.21.27

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Ok…for the artificial harmonic:
I could take a normal note, add a second note a 4th higher, make this one with a diamond notehead and then apply a LV on both of them.
Is this the meaning of a notation software programme? :slight_smile: I’m faster writing with the good old pencil.
And still no solution for the single-staff percussion barline where you’d need a LV on both sides…