Ties Between Harmonic/Non-Harmonic Notes

Apologies if this thread exists elsewhere, I couldn’t find one with the searching I did.

I am trying to tie together an artificial harmonic and a normal stopped note in string writing. Example attached below. I’m aware I can write this without a tie, but from the perspective of a performer, this compromise belies the sustained nature of the appropriate finger. It feels inelegant to have it written without ties. I’m aware Dorico uses a duration-based system of notation, but I’m wondering if there’s a good workaround for this, or if this might be something that can be addressed in an update.

Thank you.

You can achieve this appearance using diamond noteheads but not “real” harmonics, I think. You should find that if you add an additional eighth note (quaver) at each desired position and then change the notehead to the white diamond notehead via Edit > Noteheads > Diamond Noteheads you should be OK.

You could also misuse slurs in this case, if you intend to maintain playback