Ties Between Harmonic/Non-Harmonic Notes

Apologies if this thread exists elsewhere, I couldn’t find one with the searching I did.

I am trying to tie together an artificial harmonic and a normal stopped note in string writing. Example attached below. I’m aware I can write this without a tie, but from the perspective of a performer, this compromise belies the sustained nature of the appropriate finger. It feels inelegant to have it written without ties. I’m aware Dorico uses a duration-based system of notation, but I’m wondering if there’s a good workaround for this, or if this might be something that can be addressed in an update.

Thank you.

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You can achieve this appearance using diamond noteheads but not “real” harmonics, I think. You should find that if you add an additional eighth note (quaver) at each desired position and then change the notehead to the white diamond notehead via Edit > Noteheads > Diamond Noteheads you should be OK.

You could also misuse slurs in this case, if you intend to maintain playback

Also came across some examples where I needed to achieve this recently and had to fake it and give up proper playback. Would be a nice feature to have.

You can always try creating a hidden staff to handle playback and suppress the playback of those written notes.