Ties coliding through time signatures

Dear Dorico Team

When a note is tied into a new bar which contains a new time-signature, the tie collides with the time-signature. Is there a way to “white-out” the background or order the time-signature on top of the tie to avoid this?


Welcome to the forum, Conrad. I’m afraid there’s no way to achieve this at the moment, but it’s something that we certainly plan to do in the future.

Daniel, is this something you are thinking will be added to the bottom edit section where I would be able to select ties that have dotted beginnings/endings, or automatic behavior preference?

Probably both, Istvan!

Thanks Daniel for your response. Has there been any updates to this? Still no way of a workaround of which I know how to do.


Version 3 is really amazing.
I nevertheless hoped to see, among the novelties, this function.
I imagine that it is not one of the team’s main priorities, but I trust in its rapid implementation.
It’s so convoluted to find a solution when needed…

Remember how many updates were added to Dorico 2. Of course I don’t know what’s on the short list, but if 3.x is anything like 2.x was, there could be more improvements following in the near future.

I remember it well! Their timetable is truly outstanding.
And that’s why I didn’t hesitate to upgrade for both my desktop and laptop (yes, two e-soft licenses…).
I know this function is a “small” thing, but it is a pressing request from my clients.

Let me add my voice to the chorus calling for this feature - most everything else in Dorico comes out looking so elegant and beautiful, and then a tie cuts across a time/key signature and suddenly it looks totally amateur.

Just out of curiosity: Have you ever seen a publication from a major publisher (computer or plate engraved) with ties broken across the time/key signature?

I haven’t.

I can’t remember seeing ties going through time/key signatures without being their broken. I just checked a few editions and this was the case. If I have time I’ll keep looking but I’m pretty sure it’s standard procedure. It certainly is unattractive. In any case, it’s a necessary feature in Dorico.

Not to be argumentative, could you please point me to some of those examples?

I just checked scores by Shostakovich (Sikorski), Britten (Boosey), Berlioz (Peters), Ravel (Durand) and Brahms (Breitfopf) and couldn’t find a single example of a broken tie.

FWIW, the G. Schirmer style manual states that although a broken tie is permissible, they would prefer their engravers not use them. Gould does not seem to address the issue.

I do agree with you that they are unattractive. In my opinion, to break a symbol whose main objective is to connect is an oxymoron.

Here’s the Schirmer example mentioned above:

Boosey on the other hand says to break them (pg 47 in the 2010 version I have):

Just briefly checked Read, Stone, and Ross, and didn’t see any guidance either way.

Here are three from Boosey and Hawkes (or more specifically from my good friend Philip Rothman).

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Not to nag, but has there been any updates on this?

No updates on this as yet.

Is there a workaround of any kind?

Not really, no.

I am so pleased to see that this has now been incorporated into Dorito 3.5. A HUGE thank you to Daniel and his team for taking this on board!