Ties: Curvature type (Normal -curved- & Flat)

Would it be possible to have flat Ties look like with Slurs in D4?


I like the flat Slurs in D4 what a great addition. My hat to you again dear Dorico Team, Bravo!

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Flat slurs aren’t new in Dorico 4, of course, but I’m glad you like them. We don’t have any immediate plans to introduce flat ties, but it is certainly something we may add in future.


Ha! Yo know? I never paid attention that they already exist in D3. Thanks!

Going back to version 1, afaik.


Bumping this. A +1 for flat ties please.

So i can do this instead of great big curved arcs:

Flat ties are common in modernist scores.


I would like to ask for flat Ties, as well. Most of the scores I deal with use them, instead of the classic ones.

I can for sure simulate them with Slurs, but (1) this would not translate well in playback, and (2) a general preference would make editing much faster (also considering that one has to set the properties of each Tie/Slur individually).



Flat ties, absolutely… when/if the team revisits ties, I hope they will also consider “broken” ties (that only show the start and end arcs.


Also, if the team ever revisits this, I’d really like to have flat slurs/ties that are actually flat in the middle too. The current shape where the shoulders are wider than the center I find odd and not how they are typically seen in print. In Dorico, the shoulders are widest, and then they taper to the center, which is thinner than the shoulders.

If you increase the “middle thickness” in Engrave, the non-flatness of the flat slurs becomes even more obvious:

I’ve always liked the way SCORE handles these, where they taper through the shoulders to the flat part that is widest and consistently flat.


I wonder whether you could achieve this with sufficiently mad dash settings?

Here you go, this is 3 space dash with 8 space gap.

You might have to set them manually in Engrave mode to avoid an extra dash in the middle at some lengths.


This would be a boon for me for sure!


Please Daniel, may you consider flat ties in the coming updates of D5? Thanks a lot for taking this into consideration. A button like “Flat Ties” :wink:

Of course one can possibly do it manually but turning the shoulders into zero like below:

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