ties divisi -> unison

When I go from a divisi voice with the same note in both voices to unison (also with the same note) and I try to enter a tie in the divisi voice towards the unison, the tie is only drawn in the upper voice.

Even if I start my unison 1 bar earlier I only get some kind of a laissez-vibré tie, but not a whole nice tie.

and the bad thing:
if I do it like this

and I try to draw the tie in the second voice, the tie in the first voice is also affected - so I can’t even start my unsion 1 bar earlier cause then I get in real trouble trying to draw ties in both voices which look the same.

Is this sth you guys from Dorico still have to improve or am I doing sth wrong here?

This is indeed something that we still need to improve. There are a variety of rough edges around the transition to and from unison when working with divisi that we still have to solve. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

No problem. There will be some kind of a workaround :wink:
Knowing a bit now how you work, I’m 100% sure will all be fine sooner or later.
Thanx for the answer Daniel.