Ties: erasure padding or interruption - e.g. at time signatures change, eighths flag size

Dear all,
Couldn’t find a solution here, so decided to post:
If you have to deal with a tie you would like to split, e.g.

switch to Engrave mode, look for “Ties” in Properties panel (the one at the bottom),
change Style to “dashed”, and increase the “Dash/dot” value to make dashes longer
until there’s only two of them. Also the “Gap” value might be experimented with.

Fine tuning of horizontal spacing – needed in my case in order to achieve left dash to cross the barline for better visibility – will conclude the trick.


Isn’t there an Engraving option available exactly for that (erase ties around time signatures)?

And another question here:
the very last eighth-note quaver at the top voice is tied.
Is there by chance any way to edit the flag – to move or shorten it a bit
without dealing with font changes?
I would love to lift the flag a bit, so the tie start could be closer to the notehead.

You should be able to move the beam handle in Engrave mode.

Sorry, I wasn’t looking at the right note. What you need is a smaller flag. Not sure it’s possible

Would you be so kind to point where could I find “interrupting ties”?
I just checked the Engraving options again, couldn’t find the mentioned option
neither in Ties, nor in Time Signatures sections.

There is an option to use the shorter eighth-flag with rhythm dots (in Engraving Options > Notes > Stems). But I don’t think there is a similar one for ties.

Found it, thanks! - So, that means there is a shorter sign already pre-made in the font,
I just should figure out how to us it for just couple of quavers.

There’s a checkbox for erase background in the Time Signatures section of Engraving Options.


Yes, the glyph is a stylistic alternate to the standard eighth flag, U+E240. But I don’t know how you can make use of it for one note. There isn’t a way to change one without changing them all.

Thank you so much!
My apologies, I have checked the options couple of times before posting!

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Thanks a lot!

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So this is a bit of a PITA, but you could always enter a quarter note (with Force Duration on) in another voice, add the short flag with a Playing Technique, position it, then fix the rests in the original voice with Force Duration as well. It won’t work if there’s less than a quarter remaining in the bar though.

It seems like a Properties box to be able to select an alternative flag glyph would be a useful feature.

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@FredGUnn, Brilliant, thank you so much, made my day!
NB. looks my still-finale-brain never stops looking for some “hacks” to be satisfied :man_facepalming:.

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I’d rather use an option in the properties, in Engrave mode. Consider this a feature request, when the Team feels it’s time to add it ^^

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