Ties in chords

Probably a simple solution: I’m selecting all notes in a chord and then clicking on the tie icon. I would like all of the notes to be tied, but the tie appears only lowest note in the chord. I can’t find a way to insert ties between all of the chord tones.


Obvious question: is there a subsequent note for each pitch in the chord in the same voice? If the notes are in a different voice, you have to select both the start and end pitches before inputting the tie.

If you’re coming from some other programs, one big difference with Dorico is that you don’t tie from a chord, you tie to a chord. Often these will be the same thing if the chords are sequential, but there is a difference. Since you are creating a tie to a chord, you won’t actually see the tie until the chord is input. The big advantage of the way Dorico does it, is that it makes it really easy to do something like this: