Ties - is there a limit?


I’m currently working of a project where I want to tie together a really long chain of notes, but when I get to a certain number, instead of making a tie to the next note, Dorico simply deletes it! It’s pretty weird… Is there a limit of the number of notes you can tie together?

I attach a gif so you can see how it looks.


I’ll take a guess at the reason. The longest single note you can create is a Maxima, which is 8 whole notes or 64 8th-notes.

Counting the bars in your attachment, it looks that is the limit on a series of ties - about 21 bars in 3/8 time.

I just noticed this too. I guess this limit will be removed in an update, as it does not really make sense to have this limitation, right?

Is there a work-around at this time?

Thanks for reporting this. I imagine Rob’s suspicions are close to being correct. Although I’m pretty sure there’s no specific limit internally to how long a note can be, I think the note input/editing code is probably not quite handling this case properly. We’ll take a look as soon as we can.

The work-around would be to use a slur between the notes instead and adjust it in the Engrave mode to match the tie(s) in appearance.

Ah good thinking, thanks!

Not even 2^64 quarter notes long? Just going outside to create a score with 4,611,686,018,427,387,904 bars of 4/4 - I may be some time … :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the answers, it’s not a dealbreaker of course, but it would be nice to be able to do that.

This seems fixed in the 1.0.10 update!

Yes, it is!