Ties issue

I am trying to tie the last 1/16 of the first group to the first 1/16 of the second group, but I keep getting the undesired result, which applies the tied notes as an 1/8 in the first group. I am trying to avoid confusion and make it easily readable.

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The immediate solution is to activate Force Duration on the first note before tie-ing.

The broader solution is: what time signature is this? 4/4 or 2/2 (cut time) ? Your per-flow beam grouping settings in Notation Options > Beam Grouping take effect in different meter contexts.

Thank you. I was looking at the force duration option, but I did it improperly. I have some other work in 5/4 that I want to clean up, too, but it might be a little more challenging. Anyway, I’ll give it a shot.

I did not see force duration in the properties panel where I believe I have seen it before after selecting a note.

Force Duration is over in the side panel:

You can also select it by typing the letter “O”

If you mean you’ve got 5/4 grouped in 3+2 but you want 2+3, there’s a very beautiful and easy solution: re-input the 5/4 time signature, but instead of entering “5/4” into the popover, enter “[3+2]/4” if you want 3+2 groupings, or “[2+3]/4” if you want 2+3 groupings.

Basically, if you put the note/beam grouping pattern you want inside [ square brackets ], Dorico will display a “normal” time signature matching the total duration inside the brackets, but group according to what you entered.

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TY again. This is just amazing stuff.

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