Ties mixed with tremolos behaving strange

I have tried to add ties to notes with tremolo symbol on the stems, and the result is different that when they have no tremolo.
I have forced note duration and without tremolo I selected all notes in the bar and I I have obtained this:
If I do the same but the notes have tremolos, I get this:
Is this a bug?

I have also noticed that when notes figures are mixed (16ths, 8ths, etc.), if I add a tremolo when the are not tied, the same amount of slashes is added to each beam:
But if the are tied, then the number of slashes changes depending on the beams of the note:
Is that intended?

Regarding captures 5 and 6, it’s intentional: Dorico applies the selected number to slashes to the first note, then calculates how many slashes are required to give a consistent number of repetitions on each other note in the tie chain.

Thanks. And do you know why is it different when the notes are tied than when they are untied?

Yes! If notes are untied then Dorico treats them all as separate notes and applies the selected number of tremolo slashes to each note.

I don’t understand what makes different the notes under a tie that they require a different number of slashes. In both cases I ask for three slashes and Dorico behaves different. I understand both criteria (both are valid), but not why they are applied in the same rhythm, only differentiated by the addition of a tie… To be so, I think there should be a musical reason behind that, don’t you think?

In any case, I have seen that in Engrave mode you can change the number of slashes for each note manually… Despite it gives additional work, it solves the problem.

If they’re tied, Dorico sees one long note. It applies the selected number of slashes to the first note, calculates whether you want 16th/32nds/whatever, and adds the correct number of slashes to each of the remaining notes in the tie chain.

If they’re not tied, Dorico sees a series of separate notes. It assumes that you know how many slashes you want and that you are making an intelligent decision .

In Dorico, a tie is not a cosmetic thing, it’s the difference between lots of little notes and one long note.

The problem is that Dorico assume that in a long tied note the number of slashes should change, and it could not be so (though it is a possibility). There are two criteria when adding slashes to the notes: 1) change number of slashes depending on rhythm, and 2) keep always the number of slashes independently of the rhythm. Both are correct, but I still don’t understand why a tied note should assume one or the other.
The solution to this problem, is adding the slashes in Engrave mode instead of Write mode. You can there add three slashes to all notes and everything works wonders :slight_smile:
Thanks for your explanations!

Dorico takes the number of beams/flags into account when it determines how many tremolo strokes to display. If you have a tied note with a mixture of durations, e.g. a quarter tied to an eighth, Dorico will show one more stroke on the quarter than on the eighth to make clear that the number of repetitions is identical throughout the chain of notes.

Thank you, Daniel. I understand this, but I think that this behaviour should be the same in any situation (tied or untied notes).

We certainly haven’t ruled out adding further options for this in future.