Ties offset?

I appreciate Dorico’s flexibility when tying notes from different voices. It makes Anglican chant and organ music much easier! But in the example below, I want the tie to terminate higher on the notehead, rather than the bottom. I’ve checked all settings in Engraving Options, but it seems that when the notes are in different voices, Dorico sometimes offsets the tie as displayed below. (Is it perhaps because the starting note is an upstem, so Dorico thinks it’s starting from the “outside” of the notehead?)

Is there a way to rectify this besides manual adjustment? That would be a doozy.

This is what I want:


UPDATE: I set Ties in Chords—Tie endpoint positioning to “outermost ties above/below noteheads, others in between,” and the result is better, though now it seems too far outside the notehead:

I’d also be curious to hear what other engravers think. To my eye, the second example I posted in the OP looks the best, but I could be wrong.

I agree the second example looks best.

You should set ‘Tie endpoint positioning in chords’ to ‘Outermost tie above/below noteheads, others between’, then set ‘Gap between center of noteheads and tie ends’ under ‘Ties above/below noteheads’ to something in the range of 1/3 to 1/2 space, and you might also want to experiment with changing ‘Ties above/below noteheads, positioned at centre of noteheads’.

Alternatively, try setting ‘Tie endpoint positioning for ties above/below noteheads’ to ‘At edges of noteheads’, and then tweak the various options for horizontal and vertical positioning of endpoints for ties positioned at the edge of noteheads.

Thanks Daniel! I’ll try that.