Ties - Possible To Preserve Original Notes?

I searched the forum and the Help file, found nothing that addresses this question?

Is it possible with ties to preserve the original notes? This is not uncommon with hymns when words or syllables in one verse require, say, a half note but in another verse might require two quarter notes.

You could have the two different rhythms in different voices. But usual practice for hymns (in my experience) is just to have the subdivided notes with a dashed tie, so that you either tie or don’t tie, according to the words.

If you want to notate the way you describe, you can select Force duration in the left panel before adding the tie.

I need same voice. Not familiar with dashed tie, but perhaps that’s what I need. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I’ll try that too. Thanks norseman.

The Force Duration entry worked perfectly. Thank you both for your suggestions.

I typeset hymnals. The dashed tie is the most common convention for different rhythms between verses.

Wonder if that’s something developed in the last 40 years. The hymnals I am using are those from back in my youth, dating from the '60’s and '70’s.

Conventions have certainly changed in the past 40 years, for sure. And of course “convention” is a loose term. Some Lutheran hymnals don’t even have time signatures (neither did the last one I typeset)! Internal consistency is the main thing.