Ties that do not combine notes

I have just a notational practice that I like that I believe is more clear for performers but maybe is not standard practice:

When fermatas happen for instruments in a score where some instruments hold a note and some change over the course of a fermata, I like to break that fermata into multiple fermatas of tied notes. This shows the players exactly what to expect from a conductor. The ‘tie’ function in Dorico, from what I can tell, automatically combines tied notes in a bar even if a fermata is created specific to a beat and duration. How do I prevent ties from automatically combining notes?

For example, given my attached image, I want the top note to be a quarter note tied to another quarter note with the fermata, not a half note fermata, and I want to be able to tie the fermata notes to their next, also without changing the duration of the fermata.

Use Force Duration. If you’ve already got the notes in place, just hit O before you add the tie. If you haven’t got the notes in place, hit O (it’s a toggle) before you input the notes, then add the notes and the ties exactly as you want them.

Actually, this is even more useful in ensembles that usually don’t have a conductor like in brass quintets, so the players have some chance of being able to read through a section with fermatas without having to guess how many notes other players have in the problem measure.

You can also drag fermatas easily in Engrave mode. If you want more control over fermatas, create a PT.

Ah, that’s a start. Thanks. The ‘force duration’ works for the first note to tie to the fermata, but not for tieing the fermata to the 3rd note.

Oh, I got it. Only use the ‘force duration’ once in the section, not for every tie. Interesting.

Pressing O toggles force duration on and off. That’'s why pressing it twice didn’t do what you wanted. Look at the icons at the left of the screen to check what state it is in.