Would it be possible to be able to add and delete ties very easily? Like the old days of pressing “t” to add a tie, or pressing “t” to delete a tie? (Or even just pressing delete will just delete the one thing that is highlighted = very simple) In Dorico right now, deleting a tie means deleting all the notes that attached to a tie (e.g. a simple example: if I had 6 whole notes tied to each other, and I just want to delete one tie, why would i want to delete all 6 notes and then have to re-enter 5 whole notes again?). Seems very archaic, no? Please fix asap as this seems like a glitch rather than a programming decision.
And, regarding pitches, can we please just add a patch that allows us to change the pitch with up or down arrows? Simplicity is key to gaining users.

We won’t change the default behaviour of repitching notes to use only the arrow keys. There’s method in our madness. The arrow keys alone don’t change your music, any more than the arrow keys in a word processor change your text: they simply move around. When you want to change something, you have to try a bit harder, which is why in Dorico you add Alt to the arrow keys.

I know that some people might never be able to get used to this (old dogs, new tricks, and all that!), so in due course you will be able to redefine this shortcut in the Key Commands editor, though I’m afraid you can’t do that right now.

That is great news, also wishing for the ability to choose other keys for inputting pitches, would be absolutely fabulous! (Having the smaller keyboard on a laptop, the more options of customizing the workflow, the better…)

One final request: Daniel, for goodness sake, go to bed! You’ve been at it at least the whole evening and half the night…! :slight_smile: :nerd: :smiley:

Your logic makes perfect sense.

However using “R” then pressing up/down is such a great way to input notes (for me).

Glad I’ll be able to add it as a custom key shortcut sometime in the future.

– Ol’ Dog