tiff export - mono vs. color

I’m puzzled with the tiff export of Dorico. When I export to tiff as monochrome with 1200 dpi, I get the result as you can see in the attached picture. When I export as color, the tiff file looks fine.
Wouldn’t it be good to disallow tiff export in monochrome, when there is such a big difference?

The Mono setting provides an image using only Black & White pixels. Any line that is not horizontal or vertical will appear with ‘steps’.

The Colour setting provides two things: greyscale shading, and transparent background.

You can sometimes see published scores with ‘steppy’ hairpins, where the page has been bitmapped prior to press.

I don’t see any reason to “disallow” the option.

On the other hand, I can’t think of a reason for using TIFF for anything at all (either mono or colour), unless somebody has explicitly requested the output as a set of TIFF files. Back in the day, some professional printing companies used TIFF, but not at resolutions as low as 1200 dpi. The minimum resolution for high quality professional black-and-white printing was usually 2540 DPI, which is 100 dots per millimeter, and of course people don’t often magnify a physical printed page after it is printed.

If you don’t have any “good” reason to prefer one format over another, go for the vector formats like PDF or SVG, and you won’t have jagged lines however much you zoom in on the image.