Tiling windows without overlap

I’m running a horizontal resolution of 1920. I can’t view two Dorico projects side-by-side without significant overlap of the windows, and it’s very inconvenient to workflow.

Is this new? I don’t remember it in the past. I would really like to be able to view two windows at once. Is there something I’m missing?

Hi @dan_kreider
In the last version I believe there is the option to check/uncheck what is being displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window. Just right click on [edit: on the Staus Bar at the bottom of the window] it and uncheck what you don’t need. This function was introduced also to make possible to shrink the window more… (I hope this is somewhat related to your issue…) (Page 6 of Version History)


I wasn’t aware of that options, thanks. Where is it? I can’t find it in Preferences.

Oh wait… I’m not running 5.1.30.

Just right click on the status bar (at the bottom of the window) where Follow Playback, Zoom, etc. are

From the 5.1.30 Version History:

User interface

Status bar. It is possible to choose which elements should appear in the status bar by right-clicking anywhere on the status bar. A context menu appears, from which you can choose to show or hide any of the controls shown for the current project window mode. The choices you make here are saved as application preferences, so affect all project windows. If you use a display in portrait orientation, or otherwise need to make the Dorico project window especially narrow, you will find it helpful to hide some of the items in the status bar, as this allows the project window to have a narrower minimum width.

Updated, and fixed. Thanks!

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You are welcome!