Tim Panik notes


Is want to added small notes above the timpani staff when notes are changing .

How can I do this

Thanks for helping me


Your post is a little quixotic, but I think I know what you want. Set your text font to bravura and copy in the notes as needed from SMuFL.

I’m not sure that’s enough. Usually, timpani scores (at least the ones I’ve seen) contain written tuning changes (as in “Change Bb to A, eb to d”). (Which is what I as a timpanist prefer to read). But you could also imagine seeing the new tuning as notes within a small staff above the measure in which to re-tune the timpani. If that’s what is desired, you could use an ossia staff for this.

Judging from the funny autocorrect typo in the title, I’m guessing that you’re using the German version of Dorico. Try (in write mode, having the current bar selected) Bearbeiten/Notenzeile/Ossia oberhalb erstellen. If you don’t like the connecting barline between the normal staff and the ossia staff, you can remove it in Engrave mode (Notensatz).

If you only want to show noteheads or need to tweak the rhythmic spacing in the ossia staff, check out https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=122078


Mann thanks to you all

Yes autocerrectur can be funny
Butter also my bad english