Time-Align choir singing to piano accompaniment

I started a SATB+piano accompaniment project. I have some notes input in the Alto and some chord symbols input over the piano track. I enabled the chords symbolds playback, and set it to play on the same Halion output bus as the piano, so it plays piano sounds.

It’s very cool I’m able to do this without having to input actual notes to the piano!

But I have a problem - the timing is off. The chorus has a delay relative to the piano, either because of the samples themselves or because of the different Halion settings for the piano and voice tracks.

Is there a best practice here to align the playback? I could use some VST delay plugin and set it manually, but I wonder if there’s a better way.


Dear Dan,
You can tweak the attack time of some samples in HALion (the vocal sounds tend to have a too long attack curve)… But honestly, since I purchased NotePerformer, I do not use HALion anymore (and I even purchased HALion 6… let’s say it’s sponsoring for Steinberg !)
Before NotePerformer, I used to set the choir sounds as clarinets or other wind instruments, in order to have a nice attack and pitch.

In NotePerformer Cornet, Tenor Horn, Euphonium and Tuba give a good ‘choral’ balance and response.

Thanks! With NotePerformer, by default, the piano and chorus voices are aligned.