Time alligning on TC

Dear developers of Nuendo,

I am running the latest Nuendo 8 but will defenitly move on to 10 soon.

Here’s the situation…

I am a sound engineer on set as well as the person doing the post production.
On set I am recording multichannel wav’s on a field recorder (Zoom F8) while sending a stereo mixdown to the camera with a stereo sender. The camera is allso synced to timecode by a Tentacle device.

After the shoot it is very easy to reconnect the original audio with the Tentacle software to the video footage. The downside however is that editting with multichannel files is very unpleasant in Adobe Premiere (it can be as much as 8 channels…) and not necessary at all to make a good sounding edit for preview. It would be so much better to be able to make the edit with the stereomix and re-sync to the original audio only in the post-production proces.

The AAF I get back from the editor still contains the original times-tamp (TC) so it should be fairly easy to point out the original wav’s (allso still containing the same time-stamp) and relink them in the Nuendo Project.

I wonder if I overlook a function that is allready there or if this function should and could still be implemented in Nuendo. It seems that Pro Tools does have a function for this, but I would rather not install Pro Tools, sought out the right method and re-export the project as an AAF. It seems a lot of work while the implemantation of re-linking based on TC should be fairly easy to implement inside Nuendo.

Kind Regards, Björn - Warning Studios

I think you can achieve what you want with this :

  • you can replace any file with another one just by draging your new file from the audio pool over to the project window just over the file you want to replace and hold the “Shift” key before dropping the new file on top of the old one.

  • you are asked “Do you want to modifiy all events that refer to the same audio material”

  • If you hit “All” your new file replaces every event refering to the old one.

  • If you need to replace an edited stereo downmix with the corresponding multichannels, convert the stereo track to 2 mono tracks, duplicate so you have as many mono tacks as the multi channel and do what i describe above, dropping each file of your multitrack on top of the tracks you have duplicated.

If no one has changed the timestamping the files, I think it should work unless I misunderstood your needs.


Nuendo 10 has the tools to deal with this (N8 does not and requieres 3rd party software)