Hey everybody,
This is my first comment here and first of all I want to thank your patience about my English.
It’s about an annoying visual bug I’ve recently discovered in Cubase 10. It happens, as as far I know, since I’ve imported tracks (tracks with events) from another project. When I scroll the vertical bar I see many ficticius time-line bars (repetitions of the horizontal scrolling bar) as they were frozen from the last “screen view”. They appear in any track size and go away when I change the zoom and sometimes with a simple mouse movement too, but it does not always work. Sometimes appear 3 o 4 (wheel mouse) and sometimes dozens (click dragging).
I’ve uploladed two images to explain it better.

I run Cubase 10 in a 64bit Windows 7 i5 7600 with 24 RAM GB installed in SSD disk (not in the “host” disk of my PC).

The grey ones are the imported tracks. I’m sure that I didn’t see this bug before the import.

It is not an authentic dysfunctional fail but it’s a bit a annoying one to work with. Any idea of what and why it occurs?

Thanks for all.