time based editing in key editor

When editing midi in the key editor (Cubase 5.5/Mac G5):
How can I make time based selections? The project editor has both range selection, and a way to select and edit the midi parts based on time. It seems that there is no way to do it in the Key editor.
In other words: If I want to copy and paste (or repeat or duplicate) 2 bars and have the exact positioning of the notes as they were in the original part it seems I can not. The paste will insert these notes were the cursor is (or if duplicating it will “stick” it to the end of the original part) and not at the place in the new bar where it was placed before.
The only way I found to do that, is to “option” drag the part to where you want it and have the snap on “Grid relative” so you can kind of do it manually but I can’t believe there is no simple way to copy and paste midi time based parts in the key editor. All I want is to take 2 bars (or part of it) and repeating it in a way that if i had the midi part start on bar it will start on (and the rest of course will stay in relation), and do it within the key editor.
I looked all over, maybe it’s one of those really obvious answers so I can’t find it. Anyway if anyone can help that would be great.
(and I know I should update my version… I’ll do it soon when buying a new computer :slight_smile: