Time Capsule

I was spring cleaning my Studio this week when these thingies popped up…
…like out of a time capsule :slight_smile:

hmmm… I wonder what I used them for… :smiley:

and this…

and this too…

Cool stuff. Obviously from Atari ST days.

My only question is: Why did SMPTE sync interface have “cable to joystick port”?

cant remember… it was just too long ago.

Yeah those were the Atari Days… I had a 1040ST with the really clear SM124 Monitor. I synced it to a Fostex A80.
It actually worked quite well.

unbelievable how much I used to spend on the stuff…

Yeah … I came late into the party by syncing my Otari MX5050 (mk I) 8-tracker with my 386SX PC in 1991. So unfortunately (or fortunately) I didn’t experience the Atari days.

Tell me about it. Probably the money you put into these few black boxes back then can buy you all equipment needed for a decent project studio nowadays.

The 80s were expensive!

Makes me wish sometimes that the barriers to entry hadn’t been lowered as much as they have – but then again…

Somewhere, I have the break-out box for my Voyetra four-port MIDI interface with SMPTE Time Code Reader/Generator.

Great to see the gear.


at the time I used to mixdown on a Revox B77 which I rent/borrowed from a friend…
I never liked the sound of my mixes through that Thing. They always sounded kind of “closed up”…

Shortly afterwards I bought (paid off) my first DAT, an Aiwa XD001.
I was a lot more happy with the mixown results but it was sooo expensive at the time.
and with time it started “eating” Tapes :cry:

the stuff we had to put up with those days… very expensive and didnt always work as planned… :slight_smile:

I synced my Tascam MSR 24S to the Atari via something I don’t remeber the name. But I used Notator.
That box translated the Midi commands to something the Tapemachene understood, and I could start, stop and rew/ff the tape from the Atari keyboard and arm tracks etc…

I’m too young to know any of this, but it looks cool.
I didn’t know Steinberg sported an illuminati logo :stuck_out_tongue:

Could it have been the Unitor or maybe the Midex ? more very expensive gear :slight_smile:

Dont worry, IMO you havent missed anything at all. Its so much simpler nowadays and you can concentrate more on producing than getting the stuff to work.

Yes and no: the unitor was needed to sync the tape machine via smpt on track 24. The other thing was connected via midi to the atari and via com port to the tape maschone and was used to operate the tape machine via midi control.

That sounds like an awesome set-up. Not many systems had that level of system control in terms of arming tracks from the computer keyboard via “program changes” maybe? Some of that “old” stuff really did work well. The recorded music from that period is a testament to the best and, sadly, some of worst of it.

oh yeah, I found these 3 too…
Cubase 1-2-3 for Atari :slight_smile:

I cant remember Cubase and Steinberg having so many logos :slight_smile:

but something hasnt changed…
the always having (wanting) to update frenzy :slight_smile:

Do you or anyone remember what these cost?

I think I paid $50 for Sempti track Platinum by Hybrid Arts for the Atari. Atari died so moving to a PC with a color monitor running Cubase was a big deal.

I cant really remember how much C1 or the Upgrades to C2 and 3 cost. I think it wasnt that bad, maybe a bit like today. I just remember giving out a lot more Cash for Hardware and Synths.

Yeah, remember when I changed to PC, mid 90’es. That was really quite a dramatic Change. It was in the late nineties when I got my (hated) Blackfaces. I used the white ADAT Sync Box to sync them to the PC.

So happy we’ve moved on with this stuff.