Time changes

Hello everybody.

I wanted to share with you a strange feeling, as a cubase user from the atari St :slight_smile: I consider myself an expert user. Having experienced with the old physical dongles on serial ports :slight_smile: , bugs, joys and sorrows, improvements and updates. The birth of the first vst Neon. Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of instability and I’m sure that my desktop is quite suitable for audio editing. I’ve builded PCs DAW for years with great satisfaction. Starting from Event gina to RME (which I still use), from a Yamaha dsp factory to a current USB UAD twin… I don’t want to blame a brand or an other one , but I’m having tons of Spikes, asio guard not transparent trying for long, long time all the fine tuning available. It’s stable enough, but not fluid. Probably from 6 to 8 version jump.

Wel… I Tried for joke Studio One and found it incredibly stable!!

It’s not a complaint, I love and I will love FOREVER all the effort that Steinberg put on his products that I have (halion, Grove agent, collection…) I’m Just asking for your opinion about my feeling
Best regards, and Good music to everybody .
English is not my native language, so be kindly if I used some wrong words.

Bye :blush: