Time cursor lags/jumps issue *PLEASE HELP*

Hi everyone, I just purcharsed Cubase 8.5 on a 16gb RAM i7 Windows 10 ASUS ROG g751jy.
I have not experienced similar issues on my 6 year old macbook pro and i wonder what can be the source to my problem, and would be more than thankful if someone could help me figure it out. When I am looping in the sample editor the “time cursor” (i dont know the correct term since it tend to vary between the different DAW’s out there) tend to lag or “jump” during playback. That does not affect the actual recording or sound, but it is really annoying since that is mainly the reason I bought a new computer. I have read about several other people complaining about upgrading to windows 10. Does someone have any advices or thoughts about this issue? With this in mind; does somebody have an idea of how I can enhance the performance of cubase 8.5 running in windows 10? To my logic it doesnt make any sense that cubase are acting so “laggy” in terms of the visual appearance since I am not running that much background processes. Thank you