Time Display Error

In the attached screen shot, it appears that the time displayed by the large clock is accurate to project position but the time in the Transport Control of 1:00:03.600 is significantly inaccurate.

Has anyone else noticed this problem/issue or is it only on my system? Thanks, CS.

My knowledge is a bit hazy, but I think this is what you will get using the frame count of 29.97

It’s actually the other way round than you think.,…the transport clock is correct…the time display is wrong because of the incomplete number of frames.

You can use the drop frame option to see the real time in the counter.

Sure someone who works with 29.97 video will be able to give a better explanation of what is happening.

Are you sure taht in the project setup you have also the frame rate as 29.97?
I can’t repoduce your problem
BEst regards

With project setup at 29.97 there is no difference here…the floating Time Display set to 29.97fps (not drop) will not match up to the Transport Secondary Time Display set to seconds.

They start together at 0 but they will drift gradually apart and are 3.6 seconds different at the 1Hr mark as shown by CShorte’s jpeg.

Grim and Dup,
Thanks for the replies. I set the project to 30 fps and the times align, however, 29.97 (non-drop) is the most common video time and therefore, I use it. Per, Grim’s discovery, there is a problem with the two clocks being in sync at the 01:00:00 time. Again, thanks, I hope that someone from Steinberg will see it as an issue for future correction. CS.

Well to be clear, I’m not sure it is an issue to be corrected…I suspect there’s a good reason for it which hopefully someone can fill us in on.