Time display for .BWF (TC) files

I raised this possibility earlier - I can’t find it searching the current forum so it must have been posted in WL6 times, and it seems not possible to search in that “archive”.

When working on a .BWF file that has a valid entry on the header for start time-code(Origination TimeReference, as shown in File Attributes - Audio Broadcast Extension (BWF)/TimeReference), could this value be placed in the offset field (Time Format/Offset - Set time of first sample) by default (instead of having to insert it manually) so that the timeline (and Time Code display) reads actual timecode value throughout the file.

This request was acknowledge previously as I recall, but didn’t make it into WL7 or updates. Could it please be considered for the new version (if it is not too late).

Do mean you’re looking for a function such as “Set ruler’s origin to BWF reference” ? If yes, you’ll find this in next version.