Time display in HMSF format

Hi! Could you please add to feature-req list allowing to toggle time display to the same HMSF format as SongPartTriggers TC-offset (as possible in Cubase)? An option to change song-time-display format under “Preferences” is enough if that is easier to make.

Talking about this two type of time displaying fields. Currently Song-time display is displaying millisecs in last two digits, while TC-offset is counting frames in last two digits here:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: F

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Guten Morgen :sun_with_face:
Do you think it’s implementable in the near future? Reason is, when mooving the events because of any reason (+/-intro or “-“pre-count because of VSTL lovely precount feature that wasn’t calculated for existing backing-tracks & videos), would be helpful me to see how much do I have to deduct/add from/to song’s current TC-offset. Also in any case when using TC, we can track the same exact position in the timeline.

Would be grateful for the possibility to view the same H:M:S:F display (Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames) in song’s timeline as it is in song’s TC-offset.

We are looking into this.

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:hugs:Thank you!

Next version will feature selection of seconds, beats, or timecode, and all time strings everywhere will then display that format.


:hugs::hugs::hugs: Thank you very much!

Dear @musicullum , all of above are working flawlessly!! Thank you, thank you, it’s a big help :slight_smile:

P.S.: A small, not urgent possible addition for future updates if timeline/timedisplay could count with TCoffset to show time corresponding OFFSET+POSITION=DISPLAYED

You are correct, we’ll figure something out.

Dear @musicullum , not pushing but asking if it’s still on the desk :innocent: ?

Correct, fixed next version.
Also, it will retain the tc offset per Song.

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Thank you very much :smiling_face:!

It’s working lovely in v1459 :slight_smile:

Hi @musicullum , just recognised a little one, nothing urgent, but sharing my experience:

Setlist sum-time counter gets confused when my timeline timedisplay is set to TC (this meight be a small side effect of offset calculation. Needed to inspect my sum time quickly and didn’t understand the sum-time-value for a few seconds. Put my timeline quickly back to HHMMSS, reopened setlist editor and values were fine again.

will check.

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Dear @musicullum ,
it seems to displayed correctly now in 1.4.62 :slight_smile: thank you!

Dear @musicullum , no, sorry, just it displayed correctly because of a certain scenario. Could you please look after in the near future (strictly after after Easter) maybe can fixed with an easy trick :slight_smile: (setlist time-summer doesn’t need to care about TC format at all, just summ pure HH:MM:SS lengths) ?

Next version will show HH (if any) MM:SS only.

Dear @musicullum ! Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Means my Song-TC-Offsets won’t confuse “SetlisTimeSmmer” routine, right? :))

Not quite sure what you mean by that. We simply omit the part after seconds, for the hh:mm:ss part I couldn’t find a difference with tc, if that’s what you mean? Tried large lists of setlists.

Ohh, then I should do a Screenshot sorry.

My problem is the setlist-time-summer gets confused when my timeline timedisplay == TC and songs has TC Offset.

Then setlist time summing can end up with a 14hrs long setlist I stead of e.g.: 54mins:34secs…

Shal I take a screenshot, may help?