Time Display not changing with short cut key

I have the “.” key on my qwerty assigned to toggle the main and secondary Time Display (one is Bars & Beats, other is Timecode). Often when I open a project, I have to “jump start” this as when I press the “.” key the display doesn’t change. I have to press F2 to bring up the transport bar (since the transport bar at the bottom of my screen does not show Secondary Time Display, select a time display (either a different one, or click on the same type) and then exit the Transport. The short cut key now works.

Strange. Works fine here every time. To show the secondary time display in the lower transport zone click on the 3 dots next to the time display.

Weird indeed. Thanks for the tip. Saves me some clicking.

Happens here aswell…

Annoying! :slight_smile: