Time display should not be universal across projects


Please try and include an option to save time display settings with each project. Currently the time display settings (for the ruler at the top of the project window) are saved ACROSS projects.

For example, if you change the time display in project A to Bars+Beats and then open project B that was previously set to Seconds, project B will open using Bars+Beats…very frustrating because each time I open a different project I have to check and make sure the time display is set correctly.

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Still struggling with this…please consider this in the next Cubase update.

+1, yes.

One of the many things that should be project-based instead of universal across project – results in even more clicks, which Cubase needs far less of, not more of.

A related suggestion is to have an option to link the time display settings for the Project zone and Lower zone.

Currently, if you want to change the time display in both zones you have to do each one manually. Why not just have them linked? Please consider this option in a future update.




Still struggling with this. Why does it even save time DIVISIONS across projects??? i.e. 1/16 triplets.

Today I opened a project and had spend several minutes wondering why everything looked off…it saved my bar divisions from a completely different project!

Please consider including an OPTION to save time display as well as bar divisions locally and not universally across projects.

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Still not sure why time display is constant across projects…what if I have one project that uses bars+beats and a different one that uses seconds?
I have to change the time display every time I open a project…once again please consider making this optional.




MANY things need to be saved in individual projects that inexplicably aren’t.

This is sad… This feature exists in the older versions. When I updated to version 10, I thought it’s a bug or a problem with my preferences. I can confirm my Cubase 6.5 can save and open projects with ruler settings. This is essential since many of us have different projects based on timecode, seconds and Bars + Beats.

The workaround for me is to have Ruler Track set to the correct time format to remind me to check the time display.

Don’t rely on this!

There is a longstanding bug where rulers showing seconds will change to timecode completely of their own free will.

Still hoping this will be resolved for Cubase and Nuendo - many of us frequently change between musical and timebases projects and it’s infuriating to have to change the ruler setting every time!

I had hoped it had been fixed since this thread in 2019, but just looked through the entire Nuendo manual references to ‘Ruler’ and can’t see that it has been…

Yep. All ruler stuff (including cursor position) should be CPR specific.