time display size

Is there a way to enlarge the size of the time display in the transportbar? I used to work with a floating timecode bar but with the time display this is not needed any more. I only wished it was bigger since there is room left to make it bigger, it’s now smaller then the transport buttons themselves when in large button size.

I could imagine an option for this… for people that have room.

But what about this?..

That was fast :slight_smile:
I used to work with the timecode window indeed, but since it’s now in the transportbar I don’t really need it I just think it could be a bit bigger.

BTW, I noticed that with the timecode window when you are recording what is played back it doesn’t run as smooth anymore, it makes big steps compared to the timedisplay in the tranportbar. This was not the case with wl7.
Not a big issue, but maybe something to check?