Time drift (on an empty session)

Hello Dorico forum,

long time Dorico user here, normally I find all my answers in the forum but I’m facing a specific problem on a large project. I hope someone can help me because I’m super desperate and on a deadline.

First of all I start by saying I know it’s impossible for Dorico to drift out of time so I’m sure there is something I missed.
I have synchronized Dorico and Reaper through TXL. Today I noticed they were in sync at the beginning but as time goes, they drifted apart. It drove me crazy for some hours. Finally I stripped down the whole project, deleted all tracks, all plugins, even TXL. I just left Dorico with an empty piano track in 60bpm with 50 empty bars and there is still a problem, it’s slowing down (?):

At the transport, if I click on the bar count and watch the clock, there is something fishy. at bar 1 I have 00:00:00.000 but at bar 11 there is already a deviation (00:00:11.305), that 305 should be 000 … as time goes by, at bar 21 its 610 and so on. In fact, if you already at bar 21 listen to the click and see the time display, the eight note difference is obvious.
I tried in 2 different computers, one with just its internal sound card.
The problem is not there if I start a session from scratch (head exploded here).

Can anybody please help me with this? I upload here the (almost empty) session.

troubleshooting.dorico (693.5 KB)

Thank you very much in advance!

If you select the tempo at the start of the flow and look in the Properties panel, you’ll see that it’s actually set to 59.5457 beats per minute rather than 60. My suspicion is that this accounts for the drift. Change this to 60 exactly in the Properties panel, and you should be good to go.

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I cannot thank you enough. That was it.
No idea why that value could have changed in the first place, but thanks for finding the problem!