Time Exporting a file...

It seems exporting a 2 min song takes 30 seconds. In Pro Tools, exporting a 4 min song takes a couple of seconds. Is there a faster way to export a file without having to wait 30-45 seconds?

Not sure why, but Cubase has always been frightfully slow at offline bouncing. There’s no way to speed it up. Only fewer plugins speeds up bouncing.

For me, a full, 70-100 track mix with tons of plugins, bouncing a mix is about 80% of realtime!

I’d LOVE to for them to get up to PT speeds for offline bouncing, but I suspect it’s a really deep limitation of the software engine.


Is bouncing and exporting the same? All I’m doing is highlighting the audio file and exporting it to my desktop.

Yeah, “Export Audio Mixdown” = “bouncing down” in my lingo (sorry I wasn’t clear).

30 seconds is pretty slow, though. I’ve got a 75-track, thick mix up, and exporting one single track takes about 12 seconds.

I know, and this is for one stereo track with fades at the beginning and end. Surely something is wrong.