Time for 10.5 yet?

As usual i wait 'til the initial bugs are ironed out … so the Q is: is it time now to switch to Cubase 10.5.12 or should i work with 10.0.50 still?

Depends what you’re wanting from 10.5 as to whether it’s worth it at this point in time?

If (for example) video and/or the comparison EQ could help your projects then the bugs (IMO) aren’t an issue on a windows machine in my experience… Don’t know about Mac, as i’ve not installed it on my Mac - pretty much done with Apple and their changes in the name of ‘security’, they just make things so much harder for Audio users and third party plugins.

While it felt like a leap to start with, i don’t feel that i’m doing anything different than what 10.0.5 could deliver. In hindsight i would’ve waited till it was on offer and more bugs ironed at that point. Not sure when that historically happens though, spring?

It’s all very subjective. But from a bugs viewpoint, i’m a happy Win 10 user - 10.5.12 has no issues for me in general use. Mac i’d wait it out if you’re on Catilina.


Id give it one more update BUT you can always run your 10.0.50 as well while messing with the new 10.5.12

If you don’t NEED the features you should wait.
There have been quite a few major (yet not fully fixed) Bugs reported with the latest update.


OK, i will use v 10.0.50 for now … regs.

ADDED: installed 10.5.12 … started a new project, and a solid Cubase crash while freezing imported audio after 15 minites. 10.5.12 a big NO NO for me. Again we’re used as paying beta testers?