Time for a new monitr ...or two

My monitors are old and they wont handle sufficient resolution for win 8 . I am thinking about getting a new monitor or liekly tow monitors for my studio.
I kind of fancied two very large monitors but find that they are all wide screen - which means short screen really. I find even the big 24 inch monitors dont lok huge compared ot my old 19 inch non wide screen monitors. But if I want to humungous monitors it appears I have to buy a TV??

What solutions are people using please?

Most affordable monitors are 1920 × 1080, thats what you’ll get if you buy a TV… anoying but thats the way it is.

If you want more vertical resolution you have to pay.

Ideally I would have 2x1900x1200 screens, which are a bit taller than the regular 1920x1080. Those extra vertical pixels are quite valuable, like you say, flatscreens are very short.

thanks for the replies