Time for A Separate Specialized Hardware Cubase Sequencer away from Computer OSes

It would be nice to see a Cubase Hardware Sequencer the hardware made by Yamaha and the Software by Steinberg Given the fact that many Cubase users will have trouble accepting all these Microsoft and Apple AI in their OSes this will have many advantages (like rock solid midi timings or built in audio interfaces with low latencies) it will be of course a computer on its own right but a special one and maybe a pretty one!!!.
It can be a small one not a full blown Cubase Sequencer but project compatible.
it can be taken anywhere as a portable device.
I thing people are not caring that much about CPU power nowadays as they used to be in the past because we are already have enough and there are also the external units.,
Your thoughts please…

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Not sure… The price… Everything hardware has a considerable cost. Buying a Yamaha Montage would be more advantageous in the end and there is a sequencer in this beast.

Is that Cubase?..

That is not Cubase , the are countless sequencers in various forms all great but what I’m talking about is freedom from the various Operating systems it will be more necessary in the near future as we go along , Do you like Co-pilot?..

But you are already paying that much…


Cubase is currently produced for 2 platforms, Apple MAC OS and Microsoft Windows. Many users have been asking for years that Cubase be available for the Linux environment as well, but as of now this does not seem to be in Steinberg’s plans.

The way Cubase is designed, it requires the use of an operating system. Unless Steinberg designs their own OS, I do not see how it could be packaged as hardware without existing systems.

The costs associated with such a development would be considerable and necessarily the sale price.

I mentioned the Yamaha Montage Workstation earlier. This unit contains almost everything for $4000. A remarkable audio library and synthesis in addition to a sequencer, a keyboard with an extraordinary touch, ready to be plugged into an amplification system, but it is still $4000.

The idea of ​​having a Cubase in hardware form is not uninteresting, but forget about this software for a modest sum of 800 dollars, it would cost you a few thousand. And occasionally, you will go to your computer to download updates and inform yourself of the news in the field.

Personally, I am not worried about artificial intelligence as long as it is not used to scam me. But it is true that not all individuals are honest. So, AI is now here and it will develop further, it is up to us to make a fair use of it, but we are not safe from world bandits, unfortunately.

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Well? what are the solutions?

I always wish myself the best and I trust in life while being on the lookout.

But you know, what you’re talking about actually already exists with Yamaha DAW System Nuage, but it’s not accessible for all wallets.

No is not that’s another thing.

You’re right, that’s not quite what you’re talking about. It’s all the same Cubase installed in a computer with which system, I don’t know, and it is integrated into a sophisticated mixing console, a dedicated environment for professional recording studios. It’s still impressive.

Personally, I like using Cubase with my Windows environment and my three screens. I’m comfortable with that. Cubase works very well, I encounter very few difficulties, if not very rarely. The few times I had problems, technical support was efficient and solutions were always available. Not everything is perfect, but everything is very functional. I have no reason to look elsewhere.

However, the idea you put forward is not without interest.

Yes i absolutely agree with you but it is the future that looks weird to say the least isn’t it?

I do not believe. AI can become and already is an extraordinary tool if used well. I’m a musician, I like to compose, I have the knowledge to do it. I don’t see how the AI ​​can help me, ask it to create a saxophone solo like John Coltrane, what’s the point for me… I have much more imagination and the desire to personalize things than copying what an individual has already achieved.

Only individuals without imagination and creativity will tend to use AI to create musical works for them. It is a safe bet that the commercialism of the music industry, cinema and many other fields will be tempted to use AI in place of humans, such as having them compose music for a film rather than paying a genius composer to do it.

This has already happened even before the arrival of AI. You know at a certain time, we hired real musicians to play and record in studios for commercials, accompanying singers, films, etc. For several years, even decades, there has been less and less work of this type. Almost everything is done on the computer. There were also dance club circuits where real bands played to get the world dancing. The owners quickly realized that an entertainer with a sound system was more profitable than paying a popular band of 4, 5 or more musicians.

Whether we wanted it or not, computing was born and it will continue to evolve. How far… time will tell. You know, man’s inventions are never the problem. When there is a problem, it is because man has chosen to use them for the wrong reasons. You know, the pride and greed of man is limitless and humanity has to live with the consequences.

Okay, enough philosophizing for today. Have a great day making music @Gregio.

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Do you like Co pilot?..

I don’t hate it or like it. It’s just useful to me occasionally. I had a problem with UAD’s LUNA recently, its troubleshooting was more accurate than the support offered by Universal Audio. Is it essential? NO! Can it be useful? Yes! This thing is there and as long as it doesn’t pester me, I don’t mind its presence.

What about Windows total recall?

You can simply disable it in Settings - Privacy & Security - Recall & Snapshots - Screenshot Access - disabled

It’s almost starting to feel like “Brains” is back …

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It can be something like NI Maschine but with cubase in it and full project compatibility with desktop Cubase.

And time is money…