Time for harp markings

Great congratulations for the huge update 1.1. Piano pedal markings more than fulfilled my dreams!

Next I’m eagerly waiting for missing harp markings. I hope they would not be only markings but also functional means to help composer to write harp notation. Functionality (like in Notion) playing back the right sounds for each 47 harp strings in glissando is essential. Likewise I wish similar features that iPhone app called Handy Harp owns. Harp diagrams from this app can be imported to Sibelius and Finale. But ideally good notation software could make this iPhone app useless.

Although orchestras use only pedal harps, some small chamber or solo works might use lever harps. I hope that user could define for the instrument or flow whether the instrument is pedal or lever harp, because when using lever harp each string can freely be tuned to flat, natural or augmented in contrast to pedals changing all the respective strings in all octaves. I also hope that Dorico could know all the time what is the right harp diagram for the written notes and vice versa. Let’s say you have a key in D major and the pedal G is in its upper position (Gb) whereas pedal F is also in its upper position (Fb), it would be nice that software would write Gb and not F# when you are playing F# in a midi keyboard.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they tackle many of these things one day but it sounds like it is a pretty tall order (not unachievable, but that is quite a bit of coding for one instrument!). I imagine it will be a while.