Time for new pc i7 or i9?

I’ve had my current pc with the i7 960 and 18gig ram for quite some years. It still performs well especially since I got a SSD a couple of years ago however I use vsti much more now and this is where it is starting to struggle.

The question is do I go for the i7 9700k or the i9 9900k? Are there any problems associated with the i9 and will I notice a difference with Cubase 10.5?

I would want to run with low buffers for latency as I do now and still get a decent performance. Are either of these better when trying run at low buffers? I use SD3 a lot and record using my Roland td30 so latency performance is essential.

Memory wise I’m looking at 32gig. There are a few places that offer builds as I want them with both these CPUs but not really any information out there about DAW working with them.

It’s not the price difference I’m worried about but if there are problems with Cubase with either of these. I use to build myself but I’m getting lazy these days.


I build myself about a year ago a PC with I7-8700K and 16GB of RAM on a Gigabyte Z370 mother board and it works very well in compare with what I had before, a Dell Precision T5500 with Xeon X5690 processor and 24GB RAM. An I7-9700k or I9-9900k will do even better. Have a look at doctor mix blog for the I9.

I’ll take a look. Thanks

I had a look at the blog and will probably go i9.

I think it is to early to change for i9 because i7 still offer much, but if the budget is not a problem for you, you can go ahead

I decided to pick an i9-10940x.

I’m ok for the money. It would be nice if it lasted 11 years like my current pc.

there isn’t a big difference between i7 and i9 only in case of the price if you are good with this you can overpay… lmao

It’s a good CPU. But AMD is pushing Intel hard at the moment. I hope the CPU’s will evolve faster. They have been stuck for too long time now.

I eventually got the i9 which has just taken me the best part of a full day to get all my programs, drivers and plugins installed. I’m currently using the onboard graphics which doesn’t seem to be having an adverse impact on performance. My intention was to use the GeForce 1030 from my old pc which is only a year old but the onboard graphics from the display port into my 4K monitor seems better quality. I will see how it goes. Anyway no glitches or popping etc so far and using SD3 in standalone I can get down to 24 buffers so good low latency. It does struggle with a large project at that latency but is fine at 64 which I’m ok with. My last one could manage 64 but the latency got worse the more instruments added. Video is good too. That’s what killed my last pc off. Hopefully it will last a few years